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A good boat should be full featured, beautiful and comfortable. However, all those characteristics are affected by design, materials, technologies, etc. Here we'll introduce you the floors adopted by our rigid inflatable boat, fiberglass boat, etc.

1. Air mat floor
The air mat floor is designed with thousands of polyester threads criss-crossing one another. It is inflated to a high pressure, proving as tough and rigid as a conventional wooden floor, but it is lighter and more comfortable. Its small size allows it to be easily transported and stored in tight spaces

2. Aluminum floor
The aluminum floor is easy to maintain due to its great impact resistance. It is the favorite type of floor for divers and fans of high-performance boats. Also it can be completely disassembled for quick and easy maintenance.

3. Plywood floor
The plywood floor is both economical and simple to use. It is plywood-board system that makes it ideal for day tripping and fishing activities alike. Its aluminum frame will last for years to come.

4. Slat floor
The slat floor allows assembly without extracting the floor from the boat. It is small, light and easy to assemble.

We are an inflatable boat and fiberglass boat manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including rigid inflatable boat, inflatable raft, fiberglass fishing boat, etc., all of which are made of high strength, airtight and water resistant materials. With the characteristics of being safe, comfortable, and durable, our products are widely used in the fields of leisure, fishing, surfing, rescue, etc. High quality and competitively priced, our products sell well in America, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Australia, Bulgaria, etc.
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